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We built RV PetSafety monitor to ensure Peace of Mind for Pet Parents with the right blend of technology and passion. Unlike other monitors in the market that provide just temperature readings, RV PetSafety monitor’s smart app comes with a bouquet of built-in features like Dog services & vendors, pet safety tips and blogs and much more.

We want to make your pet travel as convenient as possible so we made our product so easy to use and send real-time alerts through SMS/Email/In-app notifications with no Wi-Fi needed. And our flexible plans are tailored for both frequent and occasional pet travelers.


Key Features

Cellular Network

Loss of Signal alert

Real-time Alert


Easy Peel & Stick

Built in Digital Display


Back-up battery

Low Battery Alert

Mobile App


Heat Index

Smart App - Value Added Services

App - Unlimited


2 days

Marcell Pro

Only 20/mo


2 days




Min. 24hrs

Temp Stick



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 We never settle for less! We always listen to pet parents like yourself and professionals to make ourselves better so we know much better than our competition what works for pet travelers.

Count on us for your pet’s safety & Enjoy your pet travel the way you want.

  • 19

    Barb Brown

    With a pet temperature monitor, we would know that they are safe and comfortable while we did some site seeing.

  • Sandi Chace_Customer-RvPetSafety

    Sandi Chace

    Being able to monitor their environment while I briefly visit a building where they are not allowed would be a blessing to our lifestyle and would greatly reduce my stress level in many situations

  • 6

    Shar Henry

    I use Nimble to make sure they are safe and sound while travelling in the car or RV.

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