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Our Happy Customers

  • Deva Hedgspeth_Customer-RvPetSafety

    Deva Hedgspeth

    Great monitor, installed in my RV to allow us to keep tabs on the temperature to ensure our puppies are safe.
  • Gail Anton

    With your service, my opportunities for travel open up in the colder and warmer weather. I can leave my babies for a bit with confidence that if anything goes wrong, I will be alerted in time
  • Sian Weekley

    I want to make sure that they are safe when in the RV napping between adventures.
  • Sandi Chace_Customer-RvPetSafety

    Sandi Chace

    Being able to monitor their environment while I briefly visit a building where they are not allowed would be a blessing to our lifestyle and would greatly reduce my stress level in many situations
  • Barb Brown

    With a pet temperature monitor, we would know that they are safe and comfortable while we did some site seeing.
  • Christle Price

    Having a pet temperature monitor in our camper this summer is the best thing, next to a good belly rub, of course