Ordering FAQ


What's the difference between Pet Monitor 4G and Pet Monitor 4G Lite?

While both are great at Protecting your fur babies from the risks of Heatstroke/Frostbite, the Pet Monitor 4G is packed with Premium features like LCD Screen and built-in GPS.

Can I use my own cellular account for subscription?

No, this is not possible at present. You cannot add/link your existing cellular account with RV PetSafety subscription. RV Pet monitors come with a pre-activated data plan which cannot be changed.

Is the Pet Monitor rigid enough to sustain falls ?

This depends upon the intensity of the fall. The devices are designed in such a way that it can sustain falls from up to 2 meters.

Please note that any physical or water damage to the device will not be covered under warranty.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. We follow a pay as you go model, therefore you will only be charged the months that you are using the device.

Note: Annual subscribers can only Stop/Start the service at the end of their billing cycle.

What is the refund policy for Pet Monitor?

RV PetSafety Pet Monitors come with a 10-days full refund policy and 1-year warranty. If you cancel your subscription within 10-days, we will refund your amount (No questions asked). Any refund claims beyond 10-days will not be honored.

Is the Pet Monitor battery operated?

Yes, the Pet Monitor is battery operated. It uses rechargeable Li-ion battery (commonly used in cell phones). The device can be charged using Micro-USB cable through any USB plug point, power bank or 12V input and 5V output cigarette car charger.

Can I charge the Pet Monitor use my car charger?

Yes, you can charge the Pet Monitor using a 12V input and 5V output cigarette car charger.

What is the battery life of the Pet Monitor?

The Pet Monitor has 24 – 48* hours battery life depending upon the network availability and alert frequency.

Will I get an alert when the Pet Monitor runs out of battery?

Yes, the device has a configurable low battery alerts to notify pet owners when the battery level drops below the threshold set.

Will I get an alert if there is a power outage in my RV/Home?

Yes, you will receive a text and email alerts (“On Battery Alerts”) when the Pet monitor switches to battery mode.

Note: For this to work, the device needs to be plugged into the charger and must always be powered on.