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T25 User Guide

Getting Started with Nimble RV Pet Temperature monitoring device

Charging the device

The device comes with a USB cord and adapter for charging the device.


1. Please plug the supplied USB adapter to an 110V AC power socket in your home/RV.

2. Using the supplied USB cable, connect the standard USB connector to the USB adapter port.

3. Connect the mini-USB connector on the other end of the cable to the device Charging port as shown in the picture above.
The device comes pre-activated on the Verizon network, so all you need to do is to charge the device and it latches on to the Verizon cellular network automatically.

Download the mobile application


Configuring the application

You would have received an email from our support team with a login id and password.

Username: xxxxx-admin

Password: xxxxx-admin

In case, if you haven’t received your credentials please contact product-support@nimblewireless.com for more information


Application Login Screen

Application Asset List

On successful login, you can see your RV pet monitoring device in the list of assets. Clicking the asset will show you the temperature and location information of your pet’s room or RV in real-time

Note:  All pet monitoring devices come pre-activated on Verizon USA network at the time of shipping. In case, your device shows activation error or if  you have deactivated your account temporarily please contact product-support@nimblewireless.com for reactivating the device.

Setting alerts and configuration

Alerts are pre-configured to the email address and phone number provided at the time of order placement. You can add additional numbers and emails from alert configuration settings in the IRIS application on your phone.

Orders placed after July 15th have the High and Low temperature  alerts configured based on your entries at the time of your order. You can also change or set the alert using the mobile application – Click here for detailed information on how to set/change the alerts

Low battery alert is configured at 20% by default. You can also change this to other values, but we recommend leaving this at the pre-set value or contact product-support@nimblewireless.com for any support in changing this.

Temperature Alerts:

In most cases, the comfortable low and high temperature for your pets is 60F to 80F. You can set the alerts for these limits to be on the safe side. If the temperature sensed by the unit goes above or below these limits, it immediately sends an email/Text alerts to alert you that the temperature is outside your set limits. For example, if you set a high temperature alert for 80F, then say if the temperature reaches 81F, then you get an alert within minutes indicating this. Similarly, if you set a low temperature alert for 60F, then say if the temperature falls to 59F, then you get an alert within minutes indicating this.

Low Battery Alerts:

You can set the low battery alert so you get an alert when the internal battery in the device drops below a certain limit. This will help remind you to charge the device so it never runs out of battery. It is advisable to re-charge the battery when it reaches 20%.

Placing the device:

Just place the device in the room where your pet is, or the room where you need to monitor the temperature. Place the device free and clear of other objects so that the temperature probe or the device are not hidden or covered/obstructed by any nearby objects. Make sure your pets cannot reach the device or the probe to avoid mishaps. Place the device such that the top side with the Nimble logo is facing up.

Questions/Comments/Feedback can be sent to product-support@nimblewireless.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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