RV PetSafety

RV PetSafety- Pet Temperature Monitor
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Monitor pet’s environment temperature in real-time


  • Your pet’s safety wherever Verizon 4G goes.
  • Sends text/email alert when there is temperature excursion.
  • Long lasting and rechargeable battery.
  • Text & Email alerts over Cellular network. No Wi-Fi needed.
  • Real-time update on Temperature, Humidity, and Heat Index.
  • Android and iOS application for remote monitoring.

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Pet’s Body Temperature

Pets can withstand a temperature of up to 102oF, beyond which it can be fatal. The average temperature inside RV vehicles is 91oF.

Pet Diseases-Rv PetSafety

Pet Diseases 

Pets become vulnerable beyond 100oF because of their small sweat glands. So, even a slightest increase in temperature can cause heat-related illness. 



Most pets cannot withstand temperature less than 32oF beyond which they may develop frostbite. This can prove fatal for your loved ones.

Why risk your pet’s life and safety ? 


Over 1000+ of the pets died last year because of heat waves


Nearly 18% of the pets suffer from hyperthermia every year


Nearly 9% of the pets die across the globe because of frostbite every year

Nimble Pet Temperature Monitoring Device


Temperature Monitoring

Pet parent can remotely monitor RV’s/Car temperature when they leave their pets behind.


Text & Email Alert

Pet owners will receive text and E-mail alert when the temperature becomes critical for the pet.


Small Yet Smart

Sleek in size and comes with a peel & stick mount for easy installation.


Mobile Application

Pet owners can keep monitoring the RV’s temperature in real-time using our mobile application.


Cellular Network

Pet Monitor 4G is connected by the country’s best network Verizon 4G LTE making it more reliable than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for pet temperature monitoring.


Battery Operated

With the built-in battery, the device can monitor and send data for days on end before running out of juice.