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Installation – Setup

How to install and charge the Pet Monitor Pro and 4G devices?

Charging the device

The device comes with a USB cord and adapter for charging the device.


  1. Insert the micro-USB connector at one of the charging cable into the micro-USB charging port of the device and connect the USB end of the cable to the charger
  2. Connect the charger to a power socket as shown in the picture above.
  3. The power indicator and the charging indicator will glow ‘Red’.
  4. Once the battery is completely charged , the charging indicator will turn off.
  5. But, the power indicator will keep glowing as long as the device is plugged into the power socket.

The device comes pre-activated on the cellular network, so all you need to do is to charge the device and it latches on to the cellular network automatically.

How to log in to the RV PetSafety Application?

On installing the application, you will be asked to login to the application. Please use your username/password provided by Support team. 

Note: Please type the credentials do not copy paste the login credentials.

In case, you have any issues in logging in please contact support@rvpetsafety.com. We will check and get back to you with a solution at the earliest.

Note:  All pet monitoring devices come pre-activated on cellular network at the time of shipping. In case, your device shows activation error or if you have deactivated your account temporarily please use start subscription form or contact support@rvpetsafety.com for reactivating the device.

app login screen-RV PetSafety