RV PetSafety Application

Small and Compact

Nimble RV temperature sensors are battery powered wireless temperature monitoring devices. The sensors are small, compact and can be fitted anywhere inside an RV/Car.

Get alerted. Not alarmed

The safety of your loved ones is important to us as it is for you. Nimble temperature sensors are fitted with temperature precision sensors that can calculate the surrounding temperature up to ±2°F. With a built-in cellular network, the devices can alert you through a text message/email when the temperature reaches the threshold limit. 

Backup Battery Life

With a built-in battery, the device will keep sending temperature data and alerts you when the temperature exceeds the permissible level. 

Monitor on the go

Monitor pet’s environment temperature on the go. Right from your mobile phone



A simple widget to watch over your loved ones

Add a widget* to your home screen and keep monitoring your pet’s environment temperature with the swipe of a finger.

*Available only on Android Mobiles

Get alerted not alarmed

The RV pet application can send real-time SMS and Email alerts when the pet’s environment temperature becomes critical

Monitor your pet across all seasons

Set the alert temperatures with just a click and monitor your pet according to the season and time.

Families take care of each other

Add up to 5 contacts/Email IDs and let them get notified about your pet when you cannot attend the pet in its need of the hour.

Do not allow power to let you down

The device has a built-in battery which acts as a power backup* when there is a power outage. The device also sends a low battery alert when your device is about to die.

*The built-in battery can last 1 – 2 days on a single charge

Trace your path back to the RV

Find your parked RV/Car in minutes with the built-in GPS in real-time

Never miss an alert

Supported by strong mobile networks across the USA, never miss an alert. The device can send alerts to any mobile network such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, etc. 

Make it yours

Personalize the application by keeping your own pet’s image as a profile picture